Tip of the Week

Offroad Etiquette

  • Stay on marked trails. Off-roading is about enjoying the beauty of nature and the best way to preserve that beauty is to stay on the trail. Driving off trail damages the vegetation and leads to increased erosion. Driving off trail can also result in fines and trail closures.
  • Vehicles traveling uphill have the right of way. If you are descending a trail and come upon another vehicle heading uphill either back up and move over or pull to the side. The uphill vehicle often needs momentum to make a climb and forcing them to stop could lead to them losing traction and sliding backwards down the hill potentially creating a dangerous situation.
  • Yield to other trail users. Many trails are used by other enthusiasts such as hikers, mountain bikers, dirt bike riders, etc. Pull over for faster trail users and let them pass. Stop and pull to the side when you encounter hikers and bikers and let them continue along the trail without the exhaust and dust from your vehicle.
  • Pack it out. When off-roading be sure to pack out any trash that you may create. There are off-road specific trash bags that you can purchase that can be used to not only haul out your own trash but any that you may come across along the trail from other users. Keeping the trail clean provides a better experience for all users and helps keep trails open for future use.

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